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Ted Hughes' birthplace | 1 Aspinall Street, MytholmroydTed Hughes' birthplace is on the Banksfield Estate not far from the centre of Mytholmroyd. He described looking out of the skylight window of his bedroom onto the Zion Chapel. Sadly, the imposing Zion Chapel is long gone, although the roads around keep the Biblical feel with names like Zion Terrace, a reminder of more God-fearing times.

Meanwhile in "The Rock", an autobiographical piece about his early childhood, he describes Scout Rock which dominates the Mytholmroyd landscape.

The area continued to be a powerful source of inspiration in Ted Hughes' poetry long after he moved South. In his classic "The Remains of Elmet" he suggested that the Calder Valley was originally the kingdom of Elmet, the last Celtic land to fall to the Anglo-Saxons. The house still stands and plans are afoot to turn it into a writers' retreat. On the outside wall of the birthplace is a skull and crossbones outlined in mustard paint drawn by Teddy Hughes. A blue plaque on the house now commemorates the villages' famous son.

The Elmet Trust, in partnership with Calderdale Council, has refurbished Ted Hughes' birthplace at 1 Aspinall Street, Mytholmroyd as it might have appeared during Ted's childhood in the 1930s. The house is now a holiday-let but will be open to the public on certain days in the year, including during the festival week.

Details of how to book the house can been found at :-

Look under "Ted's House" Near Hebden Bridge Ref: 212144

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