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How was the festival? This years winners!

23 October 2012

To all who attended the festival this year, thank you for making the festival a great success. We had our biggest turn outs to date and we felt there was a real buzz about the weekend, aided by the lovely autumn sunshine.

Thank you to those of you who introduced yourself. It was good to put faces to some of the email addresses.We would be pleased to hear from you about which events you liked the most; what we did well and what we could have done better as well as what you would like to see in the future.

For those of you who are using social media it would be great if you could add your feedback and photographs to our facebook page, It would be interesting if we could get a debate going.

The Winners

The winners of the Elmet Poetry Prize, chosen by Kathleen Jamie, were:

First Prize: R J Powell for Owls at Dusk
Second Prize: Julie Mellor for Substrata
Joint Runners Up: Elizabeth Barrett for There Were Good Things That Happened That Day Tom Jameson for Slamming the Years

The winners of the Yorkshire Prize, chosen by Huddersfield University, were:

First Prize: Noel Williams for Signal to Noise
Second Prize: Winston Plowes for Segments
Third Prize: Julie Mellor for Substrata

The winners of the Ted Hughes Young Poets Award, chosen by Andrew McMillan, were:

Winner (15-18 years): Jasmine Simms for Stranger
Runners Up (15-18 years):
Ruby Mason for Unfinished Symphony Isobel Turner for The Argument
Winner (11-14 years): Sarah Underwood for My Life on a Stage
Runners up (11-14 years): Barnaby Morgan Evans for Flow Georgie Eaton for The Stages of Life
Winner (6-10 years): Rachel Poels for Oak
Runner Up (6-10 years): Aiysha Alli for A Flower’s Life Chorus

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