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Lumb Bank Terrace

30 November 2012

Winston Plowes wrote a poem after a walk during the 2012 Ted Hughes Festival. The walk took those involved around Ted Hughes former home 'Lumb Bank', after the festival was over the walk had still touched Winston, saying "I have been wanting to capture our AMAZING view from Lumb Bank since last weekend. We were so lucky not only to get to look round the house but to have such cracking weather on the day."

His poem can be read below.

Lumb Bank Terrace

Through Colden’s many blotted veins
trees bake in autumn's morning fire
like a thousand setting florentines.

Then in the afternoon they cool
to smoulder in the owly night.
Setting on shallow chocolate roots
they're waiting for their next spotlight.

And in the mulch a spidered hand
wrote frosted words like sugar strands
that weave through Elmet’s rotting looms.

A steady pen took time to lure
forgotten bites that once swam here.
Hanging on lips of voices still
as signatures from the past.

Still garnishing the clough with ramsons.
Still icing the heather with cotton grass.

© Winston Plowes 2012

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