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Ted Hughes

Ted Hughes (1930-1998) was born at 1 Aspinall Street Mytholmroyd on the 17th August 1930. He lived there until he was 7 when his family moved to Mexborough.

During his childhood he spent many hours exploring the local countryside. These experiences and the influences of the landscape on him were to inform much of his later poetry.

Although best known as one of the greatest poets of his generation, Hughes also wrote stories, plays, reviews and essays. He translated the work of, amongst others, Ovid, Racine, Aeschylus and Euripides.

He wrote extensively for children, including the story "The Iron Man".

Furthermore, his interests in other artforms led to many collaborations, most famously with the artist Leonard Baskin.

Although best known in the UK, he is a writer of international standing. Hughes won numerous awards throughout his career, including four for his final collection "Birthday Letters", and became Poet Laureate in 1984 until his death on 28th October 1998.

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